Motivation letter or who should be the motivated one?

Motivation letter or who should be the motivated one?   Sending a motivation letter nowadays is already perceived as a sure thing and according to my experience a must do. You can find plenty of manuals online on how to write the perfect motivation letter and so I won’t be going into detailed descriptions of its correct form and attractive content. My aim is to make you, as the job seeker, understand why we, your future employers,  actually want it..

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YOUR NEW CV CV or curriculum vitae is, together with your motivation letter, the first message you send your potential future employer, HR manager. I am sure you have already heard or read about the fact that an experienced HR person spends on average only 30 seconds by reading your CV. Only 30 seconds to judge whether you meet their requirements. That’s why you should use those seconds well and do your best to catch their attention. During these 30..

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How to prepare for an interview

Thorough preparation is essential if you want to increase chances for an interview with a happy ending.  The following article brings you an overview of what shouldn't be omitted and what, on the other hand, should receive our full attention.  You know that feeling. You have sent your CV as a reaction to several ads that looked appealing and now you are waiting what will happen next. Every time the phone rings, your stomach is in knots. Is it finally..

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