Executive search

Are you looking for the right candidate to fill positions in middle and top management? 
We know where to find them! 
Thanks to our specialization in providing recruitment services within automotive industry, we have developed an extensive network of contacts with junior as well as well experienced candidates.

What is Executive Search?

Executive search is an effective method offinding key managers and specialists for specific and hard to place positions. We address suitable candidates discretely and in a professional manner. In this way, we can also appeal to a specific candidate chosen by you, whom you cannot address yourself because of a strategic or other reasons.

As well as active jobseekers, we approach passive candidates who are not currently in the process of looking for new job opportunities. We present them with your offer that can catch their interest to the point of deciding tochange their employer.  Because of ourstrong professional network  and keeping regularly updated about their career situation and preferences, as well asusing all methods of online and offline advertising, we are able to recommend suitable candidates fast and to high satisfaction of our clients. 


1.     We specify your requirements
2.     We map the situation
3.     We create a list of suitable candidates
4.     After consulting with you, we approach selected candidates with an       offer
5.     We meet the interested candidates personally
6.     We arrange them to meet you according to your availability
7.     You sign the contract with your new employee

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