Motivation letter or who should be the motivated one?

Motivation letter or who should be the motivated one?


Sending a motivation letter nowadays is already perceived as a sure thing and according to my experience a must do. You can find plenty of manuals online on how to write the perfect motivation letter and so I won’t be going into detailed descriptions of its correct form and attractive content. My aim is to make you, as the job seeker, understand why we, your future employers,  actually want it and what sense does it make for you to spend your valuable time and effort on writing it.

There is only one main aim of a motivation letter:




And you can do so by answering the following questions in those few lines that your motivation letter consists of:

  • Why have you chosen this company to be your potential next employer?
  • What will the employer gain should they decide to employ you?
  • What skills and traits do you posses that the employer could benefit from?
  • How motivated are you? Do you in your letter sound like you really want to become a part of their team? Have you made the effort to write an original letter for this particular company, or are you merely sending a copy of one universal letter to everyone?


It is essential that you sell yourself well and that you serve the employer your answers on a silver plate. Your task is to catch as much attention as you can in as few sentences as possible. Hereby you maximize your chances to get a possibility to present your knowledge and skills at a personal interview. And that is the reason why you should write a motivation letter and why you should write it the best you can.
You might have already guessed the answer to our initial question: „Who should be the motivated one?“ If not, read on:

You and the employer…both sides. You, by writing a perfect motivation letter and the potential employer by inviting you to that job interview that you have longed for.